5 Drinks To Combine With Casual Hookups

5 Drinks To Combine With Casual Hookups

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Drinks are almost the essence of all good dates. How many times did you go out and had a good night without having a drink? Beware – date drinking should be responsible as any other drinking, otherwise, you may end up all wasted on your couch without an erection or have your date leaving the party early too early on. While moderate drinking can increase having a great time with your casual hookups, too much of the heavy stuff can make things go awry.

Regardless of how heavy drinker you are with your friends, keep the bar low when you are out on a date with a person you don’t know.  That said, you should also keep an eye of the type of drink you choose. Believe it or not, drinks deliver messages and a wrong drink could potentially deliver the wrong message. So, here are the five drinks that you could order on a date:

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1. Scotch

Scotch is a barley classic, great for barley fans who don’t like drinking beer all that much. On the rocks or not? Well, that is not that as important as the message you will deliver when you order a scotch. It can give the impression that you are traditional, but also that you like to play it safe and avoid risks. So, order scotch only if you are determined to show that you are ready to play with risks at other levels with your casual hookups – in bed, for instance.

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2. Manhattan

Not too far from the best of the distilleries, this one is bourbon with a twist. Your female companion will most likely be very accepting of your choice and get one for herself. It says Sinatra and other classic but also says that you’re not afraid to spice up things. The small adds of bitters, vermouth and some zest if you like to take things further are the true choice of a gentleman who knows how to keep panties wet on casual hookups.

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3. Godfather

It’s not only about the iconic movie, although that has a major part in the manly message you’re delivering. It’s also about experience, and who doesn’t like tasting a bit of experience? The whiskey or bourbon manly cocktail with amaretto liqueur looks great in the good old sturdy whiskey glass and it will look good in your hand with casual hookups, too.

champagne casual hookups

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4. Champagne

You have to have the guts to order champagne. The fizzy drink looks naive but it can get you drunk in seconds exactly because of that. Also, your date will most likely be in awe of your sophisticated drinking taste and would like to get a taste of the gold liquid herself. And champagnes make the best parties, don’t they?

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5.  Whiskey Sour

Not too sweet and not too sour, the Whiskey Sour is ideal for late summer nights or casual hookups when you want to party long in the night and don’t want to get too hammered before you are able to show your casual hookup some tricks in bed. Don’t worry about the diluted whiskey message because of the sugar and the lemon – it means you keep your strength for all the right places!  

There you go, this was a selection of the manliest, baddest-ass, and sexiest drinks you could order while being on a casual hookup date. You can add as many to this list as you want, just don’t go straight for the beer because that’s not inventive at all!