Why Are Dating Apps Good

Why Are Dating Apps Good

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Even with some much new tech and successful new dating apps on the market, people still think that finding dates online is impossible, weird or downright miserable. What most of these disbelievers forget is that dating is never easy. You can meet all sorts of people in a bar and have an awful experience. On the other hand, you can meet great people on dating apps and have better casual relationships than you’ve ever had in your real-life. If you belong to these naysayers or if you are stuck in a rut on the recent hookup app you’ve just downloaded, here are a few reminders why are dating apps good and getting even better:  

1. Hookups are not taboo.

You’re not too desperate if you are using an adult dating app. In fact, it proves that you’re resourceful and that you’re not afraid of venturing into new territory. Having guts is an attractive quality and there are others who will appreciate exactly for that quality. Leave ego complexes to less confident types and explore all the options that you have.

2. You increase your options.

Not getting laid? Spending too many Fridays and Saturdays alone at home or getting wasted in a local bar with your buddies? If you’re not happy how are things turning out for you off-screen, why don’t you expand your perspective and go for a dating app? There’s nothing to lose, except for you laziness and boredom. Craft that profile and give it a go. At least you won’t do the same old, same old each weekend and complain that you’re going nowhere as far as sex is concerned.

3. Meeting new people.

Meeting people outside of your usual circle is another reason why are dating apps good. Hanging out with strangers and hooking up with them means that you won’t have any weird situations or embarrassing encounters if things turn wrong. You won’t bother whether you’ll bump into them at a friend’s party or meet them in the elevator in your office building. Dating random strangers can be pretty straightforward, without making you think about later complications or consequences to mutual friends or coworkers.

4. You are not tied to a location.

Dating apps help you start a new hookup from the comfort of your bed. You don’t need to get out, spend money on fancy clothes and drinks until you’re somewhat sure that the date is worth it. Before meeting someone in person, chats on hookup apps help you gather enough data to see if you’re suitable. If you’re not a good match, you can just stop the communication without a big hassle.

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5. Practice building.

Practice makes perfect, as they say. So, consider your next failed date on a dating app a great lesson. Such lessons can help you build practice, learn how to avoid things that you don’t want and become better at online dating. Without being too dismissive of hookups, you will gather plenty of experience and entertainment.

If you’re still not convinced why are dating apps good, consider how much time people spend on their smartphones. It’s close to 4 hours per day for some people. That’s more than half of their free time. It leaves almost no time to go out. As you can see, online dating communities are busy places, just like any other social channels, and full of possibilities for meeting people for sex and fun.