What if Tinder, Bumble, and Other Mainstream Dating Apps Are Not for You?

What if Tinder, Bumble, and Other Mainstream Dating Apps Are Not for You?

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This is a really good question to ask if you’re looking for casual dates. Or, if you just don’t like doing conventional dating in any sort of way that others are used to. Mainstream dating apps have been quite prolific. But they also acquired a bad reputation because they didn’t meet the expectations of many people. A large portion of online consumers is not looking for serious relationships. In fact, online dating is great for casual hookups, one night stands, and just keeping things light and casual. Therefore, if mainstream dating apps are not for you,what you should do to hook up?

There is no reason to worry.  There  areplenty of other options to find hookups and get laid without even going to a bar. You just have to be resourceful and know how to use all those resources, too. A bit of experience also helps. But if you never dated on casual hookup sites, then you don’t know what to expect. How can you differentiate casual from mainstream dating apps?

Keep in mind there are big differences between the two media.

Purpose of Casual Hookup Apps as Opposed to Mainstream Dating Apps

The crucial difference between mainstream dating apps and casual hookups apps is in their purpose. Things can get confusing when people look for sex on mainstream dating apps or when they don’t know that they’ve downloaded an application that is strictly for sex.

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How can you spot the difference and find the appropriate hookup application? Well, many casual encounter applications state what’s their purpose and benefits. The best thing is hookup apps exist to connect you with people who like to get laid just as you do. They avoid any blurred lines or miscommunication. Consequently, whenever you find a new application or website to use, always check what’s their intended audience. 

There is a short description that says the purpose of the site. These descriptions are rarely with double meaning. Usually, you know exactly what’s the point with a particular website.

Image Differences

Another difference you can spot between hookup websites and mainstream dating apps is the pictures. Have a look of the images uploaded on the website by members as well as the design pics used for the website. Usually, there is a greater sexual component on hookup websites. If you notice such a pattern you know that you’re on the right path to finding a good casual dating application.

Chats and Communication on Casual vs. Mainstream Dating Apps

For most people, the above factors will be sufficient pointers. But if you’re still not sure about what are the regular members of a particular dating app then follow the communication style. Mainstream dating apps chat is usually softer and more vanilla. People don’t go straight to the point. They dedicate more time to know each other before they explore the sexual territory. Things get hot way faster on sexual encounter apps. It’s very likely that you won’t even need to go out for a drink or do something else. Instead of another social activity, you will jump straight into bed or use other sex convenient locations.

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Finally, the last useful factor for deciding if an application is mainstream or casual is the type of reviews posted by others. Reviews include experiences on that particular application or website.  You can find a bunch of useful details from online reviews and user experiences. You’ll typically learn even more than by doing the search yourself or learning from your own experience.

There. That’s a solution for people who don’t really like using mainstream dating apps or are not interested in long-term flings. If you’re interested in hookups, it is pretty weird if you haven’t tried one of the well-known adult dating apps. Still, there is always a good time to start with things you don’t know much about. It’s time to explore territory outside of mainstream dating.