How To Become Better With Getting Laid in Bars in 10 Minutes

How To Become Better With Getting Laid in Bars in 10 Minutes

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If you are a fast reader, this guide will be done in less than five minutes. However, if you want to analyze your options a bit more, start slowly and think of how to make variations of this guide tips that best suit you. Bars are an awesome place to get laid, but you can start your chase even earlier – on hookup apps. Regardless of what’s your way – going straight for the apps or getting laid in bars after you’ve explored the online dating world, here are useful tips that can help you:

  1. Women love one night stands.

This is above all a mindset shift and accepting that women like to hook up for fun. Instead of thinking you’ll get nowhere, adopt this approach and you’ll be way more successful when getting laid in bars and clubs.

  1. Smiling will work your way into a girl’s bed.

Smiling is contagious. If you don’t believe us, read this article about emotional contagion. Smiling is a sign of confidence and will attract hot and super hot women into your circle in bars. Everybody loves having some great time on nights out.

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Ooze confidence at any cost, if necessary, fake it till you make it. And a smile is a simple way to say I’m in a great mood because I’m okay with myself.

  1. Don’t waste time.

Or, as they say, strike while the iron is hot. Don’t hesitate until late in the night when the girl you had your eye on decides to go to another club or until someone quicker ruins your chances by getting their first. Getting their first means getting laid in bars almost on every occasion.

  1. Look for cheerful, open women.

If someone is not in the mood for casual sex, it won’t get you anywhere if you push. Happy looking women are more likely to be open to meeting new people. You won’t get laid in a bar by chatting with hours with a broody face. Know where to invest your efforts!

  1. Show that you have a good time.

If you are approaching getting laid in bars as completing a boring work project, you are very likely going to fail.

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Interest breeds interest. Genuinely ask questions and choose interesting topics, so that you keep the energy high and exciting.

  1. Focus on your good traits.

It’s easy to fall prey to insecurities when talking to a beautiful woman. After all, we all have them, no matter how attractive. But, you definitely have strong points and use them as signposts during the conversation. Most importantly, don’t doubt your attractiveness.

  1. Dance, drink and show affection.

Dance is another sign of a good mood. A drink is a classic way to approach someone standing at a bar. When a man does that, he sends an obvious message that he is interested in the girl.

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As far as affection is concerned, we are not talking about some deep emotional stuff. Just show that you’re human with a hug or a small hand touch or sensual gesture.

  1. Pay attention to the body.

Apart from dancing together, paying a compliment on her great body, legs or killer dress is a worthwhile sexual innuendo.

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Sports topics can be body-related, too. Just don’t use a cliche or get cheesy. It’s worth having some skilled compliments in your arsenal before you decide that getting laid in bars is the way to go.

  1. Don’t make every obstacle a rejection.

The conversation with a new person is not going to be all smooth. Don’t take every difference personally or as a sign of rejection. Even if you fail after a few attempts, you will learn a great lesson. You also must understand that women have their own way fo assessing guys they like and won’t go for every jerk that approaches them at a bar.

  1. Kiss her.

This is a very obvious intro to the whole sex act. When done right, it can be a great turn-on and increase your chances of getting laid in a bar or a club. Just don’t go for an instant kiss until you confirm that the girl likes you with several other hints.


Getting laid in bars is simple, but it can be expensive. Finding hookups online is much cheaper and works at every time of the day and at any location. What’s your choice? Do you have some screen-worthy story about finding one-night stands intentionally or accidentally? Hope the 10 minutes spent above were well spent!