XXXHookups Review: The Naughty Dates App

XXXHookups Review: The Naughty Dates App

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Seeing hookup site activity is one of the best ways to evaluate whether joining or getting a membership is worth it. While taking a tour on adult dating websites you can draw many conclusions from the front-end and the design. But you also need to read the documents and experience the site by joining it for free. You can also pay for the membership but payments very often include hidden fees and don’t deliver what they promise. There are a few good things and a few bad things about By reading this XXXHookups review you will learn more about all the pros and cons of this casual dating website.

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XXXHookups Review Key Pros & Cons

The Bad:

What can you learn from the Terms and Conditions is that the site users Online Intermediaries. These are computerized programs that help you hook up with other members. They usually imitate real people and should namely do your favor while assisting you in finding a date by making a more relaxing atmosphere, practicing chatting, and engaging you on the website.

However, the opposite is the truth. One of the primary reasons for the negative XXXHookup reviews is the existence of these computerized profiles. They are considered to be a fraudulent practice that doesn’t suit people at all. So that’s not on the positive side about XXXHookups.

You don’t need to get to do much with the free memberships. You need to get either a Gold or Silver membership that costs much more. Basic membership features include only browsing and searching. You can’t do any interactive activities, chats, email communications, etc.

The Good:

On a more positive note, there are pics of member profiles on the home page which include their phone numbers. But the problem is you will never know if these are real people. The phone numbers can be a clickbait put on pictures to get you to use the SMS service which on many adult dating websites costs extra.

XXXHookups Review Online Intermediaries

As a plus, the registration is easy. But don’t forget that you will need to get your credit card in order to engage and find hookups. The customer support is not bad as well as the online support with answers to commonly asked questions. Review of Membership Tiers

How much will XXXHookups cost you? it depends on what you want to get for your money or if you want to pay money at all! We wouldn’t recommend paying too much on expensive hookup sites when you can get more for a lot less. However, if you want to go beyond the basic for the Silver or Gold membership, here’s how much they will cost you.

  1. $49.95 per month to the basic membership.
  2. $39.95 per month for the second website (Silver)
  3. $29.95 per month for the third adult content website (Gold) Review Conclusion Points

The web doesn’t seem to have a very favorable opinion of XXXHookups. You can see the site covered in some pretty bad  XXXHookups reviews, as well as some decent ones. The problem with sites that include electronic communications is that you can spend a lot of money and end up disappointed because you will be chatting with a bot instead of a real person. Therefore, we give the plus to this website in terms of design and use of registration but minus about its fraudulent communication encouragement.

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