How to Have Mindblowing Sex All the Time

How to Have Mindblowing Sex All the Time

If you’ve read thousands of guides about mindblowing sex positions and you’re still not happy with the sex you have then it might be time to try something else. It’s time to focus on what really works in sex. That’s timing and making the atmosphere. Unless you’re ready to throw some spontaneity into the mix, you can ditch all those expert advice forever. Also, don’t forget about communication because it can make or break a good sex session.

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Two Basic Rules of Mindblowing Sex Dates

So how to have great, mindblowing sex every time you have it? That’s even if you meet with the same partner for more than once and not just for one casual hook-up? it’s simple. There are two basic rules.

  1. You should give compliments and praise your partner for the sexual performance, the looks or anything else you find positive about their sexual prowess.
  2. Don’t take the sex too seriously. Remember to laugh about it and you’ll always have amazing experiences in bed.

Mindblowing Sex: Breaking Routine

Another important point for having great sex all the time is to make it fun. Fun can mean many things. One of them is breaking down the routine with new activities, new locations, new toys, or new behaviors. Act confidently. If you are the woman especially take the lead because men love that. Surprise your partner about something you do in bed. Don’t go for the boring once-a-week monotonous sex date in the most convenient position for both of you.

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Of course, if you’re meeting new people on dating apps you instantly have an advantage. Novelty always breeds excitement. You will have a lot of fun and do new things as you meet new people and share the bed with them for pleasure and sex. However, casual dating apps can also be a great place to meet a partner that you might not be dating for serious but you still want to meet for more than once. Then apply all of the above advice to instill some fresh air into each new date and get mindblowing sex.

Movement and Exercise

Now I might sound your like your doctor but if you don’t engage your body physically and go outdoors your sex life will suffer. Get out into the sun and boost your vitamin D content. Exercise. Exercise brings blood into the important areas of your body and it balances hormones. Great sex naturally involves movement and sweating and it raises the blood pressure as well as the heart rate. Therefore, it’s good exercise by itself. The more you do sex the better you will be. But if you are not that lucky and have as much sex as you want then you can improve it with exercise. It not only builds confidence but it’s also a great activity to meet people and show your fun, attractive side.

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Choosing time wisely is important for mindblowing sex. You should be stress-free but also in the mood for pleasure. So, find a better timing during the day. It doesn’t have to be at night when you’re exhausted and interested in nothing else but a great sleep.

Finally, do not underestimate the power of dirty talk. For some people, talk is even a stronger aphrodisiac than visuals. They like listening to that nasty language especially when accompanied by moans and heavy breathing. Remember that sex is for pleasure and for fun and do not treat it as a duty. That’s the most important factor for having mind-blowing sex all the time.