Skokka Review: No Place for Hookups, Just Downright Escort Scams

Skokka Review: No Place for Hookups, Just Downright Escort Scams

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Just throw one view on Skokka and it will become clear that this is not a casual hookup site. In fact, it’s pretty visible that this is a platform for streetwalkers and prostitutes from all around the world. They post ads and advertise their escort services. As you know escorts are usually just a cover up for paid sex. So if you really don’t want to get into trouble with illegal activities you should stay clear of sites like Skokka. Let’s get into its atrocities further in this Skokka review.

How Skokka Reviews Can’t Help You if You Don’t Watch Out

The biggest problems with scams with classified advertisements are that they cover a multitude of unknown locations. They also include links to subdirectories from escort agencies as well as other escort websites. You can never tell where the danger lurks from! For example, you may as well get into nasty escort scams in Mexico as well as if you’re traveling to some Eastern Asian countries. Not to mention there is the existing possibility of getting scammed online.

For instance, by using a fake profile, many fraudsters disguise themselves as real women and ask for money transfers as a deposit. They also ask for reservation fees. Therefore, whenever you look for hiring an escort (of course, at places that are legal to do so) always check for references and recommendations. From this Skokka review and from other user reviews about Skokka posted online it is crystal clear that you can’t really trust this site up to 100%.

Why It’s Easy to Fall Prey to Skokka

It’s simple for Skokka to generate half-truths because the site is organized like a resource for personal classifieds. It looks just like a regular advertisement site for users to click on the links and find what they need by contacting others. In a way, it’s like a Backpage replacement. If you’ve ever used Backpage, you know that this website was removed from the legit resources because it was full of scams and frauds as we explain them on this in this Skokka review.

This is only one of the problems you can meet by joining Skokka. Additionally, you can get your personal data stolen or become a victim of money extortion. Never send money over the internet unless you are 100% confident that you’re doing it with a good purpose in mind. You must be sure you’re dealing with the reputable money transfer provider.

Skokka Review: Another Potential Source of Trouble Revealed

Another obstacle you need to pay attention to are the site-specific location links which are translated in local languages. For example, you can find Skokka subsite for the Dominican Republic and Skokka subsite for Mexico. Both are in Spanish. You can’t really tell what’s behind them.

It’s even easier to become a scam victim. You’re getting in touch to people from all over the world who can present themselves like people looking for hookups and are, in fact, escorts and don’t provide anything for free. Especially be careful if you’re traveling abroad. If you’re looking for someone to get laid by exploring an escort site, know that locals can be really troublesome. You don’t want to need to engage your diplomatic office services to get you out of trouble! Lost money will be the least of your troubles!

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My rating is zero, but it makes you put at least 1 star. Whilst in Melbourne I contact three people, all of them just gave me a hard time. At least I didn't waste Any money. Just some nasty people who get their jollies from false advertising and then making you feel like a jerk when you turn up. Crap like intercom not working, etc. Bullshit site, stay well away from it.
- Greg

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