Scarlet Blue Review: Sydney Private Escorts

Scarlet Blue Review: Sydney Private Escorts

I often find that Australian escorts are quite amusing. Their websites are excellent with a nice design. They’ve really put a lot of effort in the services they provide. However, when they advertise through an escort agency I’m not sure that you will get the same quality of service. Usually, these advertisers only provide the platform for escorts to offer their services. Although they have some strict rules it doesn’t mean that they are respected at all times. So you can encounter issues and there will be no one to solve them. It’s best if you stick to independent contractors or just go for hookup websites where you will avoid all these problems altogether. The rest is revealed in this Scarlet Blue review.

Scarlet Blue Review: Locations and Escort Categories

Escorts on Scarlett Blue are really hot. I’m talking world-class hot. Pornstar hot. So as far as the quality of the girls is concerned, you will be happy. Services are nicely organised. you can search for the escorts by location. The website has all major Australian locations covered. Naturally, girls’ pictures take most of the space on the website because they’re the best advertisement. Scarlet Bue has a rich assortment of escort categories and you can search for services by using the following criteria:

  1. Gender/Sexuality
  2. Services
  3. Background/ethnicity
  4. Locations

There’s something for everyone. but as you can imagine, these services are quite expensive. It will cost you at least $400-500 to get one decent date. That’s my number one reason to avoid recommending using escort websites. They cost a lot more than about dating websites. The second reason is that many fishy things happen: scams, frauds, identity theft, and many others that can really turn what you expect to be a great experience into an event that truly sucks.

Scarlet Blue Review: BDSM Specialty

it seems that so many Australian clients are looking for the BDSM/fetish category because this website is specialised for this type of service. That offer is nice but again it’s quite pricey. If you’re willing to pay for something like that you can. But you should always consider that you can get the same experience on hookup sites.

Scarlet Blue Review BDSM specialty

What is Client Membership in the Blue Room?

if you want to join the blue room and get the client membership perks you need to sign up and pay. The client membership is subject to Terms and Conditions that are pretty exhaustive. It looks like you will be covered all the way through the booking process. Nonetheless, although things are legally okay, escort clients rarely engage into legal battles when they need to set the record straight. That’s just a huge nuisance and you don’t want to go there. It won’t be worth it in the end because you need to work internationally which is costly and just doesn’t pay off. 

How to Stay Safe on Escort Websites?

The best advice is to to be cautious if you don’t have any experience. That usually encompasses avoiding escorts altogether. The risks present on adult dating websites are much smaller. Sure – you will meet scammers and your date won’t turn up. Most scams, fishy and doggy things on adult dating websites happen online. Once the date is underway, you have little to worry about. It’s not the same with escorts. The real trouble can actually start once the girl arrives. So if you want to play safe and still get all the sex that you want, try using a hookup app before you hire escorts. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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