Girl Directory Review: Sugar Babes, Chats, & Local Escorts

Girl Directory Review: Sugar Babes, Chats, & Local Escorts

Although some escort websites run autonomous advertising platforms that link to multiple escort agencies and solo service providers. The Girl Directory review I’m doing today is about one such comprehensive platform which includes links to agencies as well as independent advertisement for escort girls. However, the girls are more important and this is why this site is called Girl Directory.

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Let’s find out more about the contents of this Girl Directory review.

Girl Directory Review: Escort Categories

The layout is pretty simple with most focus given to the available girls. You can see three main categories including local dating, sugar babes, and live chat. However, don’t expect different types of adult dating here. All these are escort girls. 

#1: Local Dating

You only get to see what activities they are available for. Therefore, if you input the location you will get all escorts that are available for local dating. Keep in mind this is not local adult dating. It is only a search filter to link you to local escorts. You will still need to pay. 

#2: Sugar Babes

The Sugar Babes category can cost you even more than having a regular escort because sugar babes want to be wined and dined. They are usually quite expensive.

#3: Live Chat

The Live Chat category is somewhat covered in darkness because it is no different than the rest. You can get in contact with the girls by revealing their phone number in their email. There’s no real chat. So it’s up to you what you arrange and how you make the hiring. There is guidance under each girl’s profile on how to do that. But it’s not very clear and comprehensive. Actually, the instructions look like templates and do not seem trustworthy. Profile Verification

The pictures have a stamp “verified” across them. Every girl’s gallery contains 5 or 6 pictures. However, only looking at the watermark has never been sufficient for me to assess if a girl is genuine. I still need to see user reviews and there are no girl directory reviews included on this website.

Girl Directory Report: Top 10 Agencies?

As far as escort agencies are concerned, you won’t find any detailed information from the main link via You still need to access the pages themselves and search for information individually.

This looks like a plain down commercial and it doesn’t work for me at all. I really like seeing some references or testimonials about others that have used their services. You can also search for additional Girl Directory reviews across the web and, at the same time, check these agency links.

Conclusion about Local Escorts vs. Local Dating Apps

From what I’ve seen on Girl Directory, it’s pretty basic. One positive side is that there are many users from western countries, mainly North America, Canada, as well as some European countries. Many of the girls are in Las Vegas which makes me think that the site focuses on people who like to go to Vegas and have awesome sex. But they’re also the most vulnerable category of users because they are not regulars but occasionally try to have some fun. If you’re among those, be more careful. Otherwise, you don’t need any lessons from me. You probably have some for me! If you think you know better share them in the comments below.

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