Escort Meetings Review: Commission Fees or Clear Rates?

Escort Meetings Review: Commission Fees or Clear Rates?

If you want to have a lot of fun by browsing online adult dating resources visit Escort Meetings. However, according to this Escort Meetings review, fun and entertainment is the best bit you’re going to get. The rest of the story is somewhat different. There are some top quality features on this website. But since it’s an advertising platform it comes with all the troubles associated with escorts platforms, agencies and directories. Let’s take a tour and explore this site more because there is plenty to see.

Escort Meetings Review: Is it An Agency or Not?

The fake promises to deliver only independent contractors. It says it’s not an escort agency. However, having in mind that it creates an adult dating community, it is some sort of an online escort agency. Escort Meetings consists of numerous ads for commercial dating platforms, including webcam services, suspicious hookup sites, and many other escorts directories. It’s pretty rich and loaded with plenty of futures so you will have a nice time looking at the pictures of the girls and their information. It also includes a Top 10 rating list of all the girls, according to the Escort Meetings reviews submitted by users.

Escort Meetings review user comments

It seems that the Escort Meetings reviews which have been uploaded by users after a given escort service are genuine. But if you take a closer look at them, you will notice plenty of negative reviews about the experience with the escorts arranged through this website. 

Even if they’re hundreds or thousands of different escort girls from all around the world, when the majority of the user reviews don’t include nice words, you shouldn’t really take a risk with that particular escorts website. 

We typically recommend casual hookup apps and adult dating sites, and never escorts sites. But if you really want to take a chance, you should look for those with positive reviews and make sure that everything is legal about them.

A serious problem with escort websites is that they hoodwink illegal activities.

Also, they link to cam websites, as it is the case with Escort Meetings. The girls work both as a cam girl and escort services. It’s a real question whether you will be seeing the cute sexy girl in person. Many cam girls use this is a tactic to earn tokens and never realise the real meetings. Review: Common User Complaints

Escort Meetings review top 10 girls

We don’t even want to get into the illegal businesses of commercial dating websites but if you take a look at the user complaints in the Escort Meetings review you will expose the most common issues that show up at escort meetings:

  1. Escort doesn't look at all like the images on her profile or in her cam photos
  2. The girl doesn't provide the services she promised in the profile description
  3. Asks for more money than agreed to
  4. Doesn't show up at all for the meeting even if even after you've placed a deposit
  5. Cancels appointments, reschedules or rejects appointments
  6. you have to deal with an agency instead of with the girl directly
  7. Paying an extra commission fee although you asked for a clear flat hourly rate

If this is not enough, just think of the risks you can expose yourself to with STDs and wandering around unknown cities from the multiple possible locations on Escort

Escort Review: A Fun Website with Countless Risks

The overall conclusion about this website is that is you can get great visual stimulation. Also, you’ll learn a lot about the adult entertainment world. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to get abundant chances to get laid or meet girls casually. You can only meet with escorts or visit cam rooms. But as mentioned before, they come with the risks listed above. So it’s up to you whether you want to get yourself into such a mess.

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