Felines Escort Review: Nice Kitties or Money-Hungry Tigresses?

Felines Escort Review: Nice Kitties or Money-Hungry Tigresses?

Surprise, surprise! We found an escort service named Feline Escorts! Why this doesn’t come as a big surprise? Well, because felines, pussies, cougars, and lionesses, according to this escorts agency are all feline escorts. Really, you can apply search filters and distinguish between these  animal categories of escorts. How it is that they make the difference, we wonder? Not sure but it’s fun, at least! Whether it will be free and painless that’s totally another matter to consider. Let’s look at this Felines Escort review and see what will your experience be if you decide to hire an escort via this service. 

Felines Escort Review: Cougars that Devour Money

Cougars are dangerous predators and don’t have mercy with their prey. What do we know about the women on Feline escorts first of all the 23 of them out of which 13 are in the tigress category, seven are leopards and three are lionesses. The age range is from 19 to 33.

The other search filters include additional characteristics, for example, bust size and eye and hair color. At least there are not that many of them – there are only a few. So you don’t have countless chances of getting scammed or become a victim of fraud.

However, you should always be careful when arranging escort dates because they come with a price tag. They are never free is there anything about the fees? Let’s see further in the paragraphs of this Felines Escort review.

Escort Girls Come with a Price Tag, so Do Cougars, Says This Felines Escort Review

For example, here is the table with all fees for a French girl called Amanda that works in the Frankfurt surroundings. She is categorized under “Leopards” and has a swanky art and books taste. Is she the full package? She sure is a full rip-off package if you consider how much you will need to pay for seeing her:

Felines Escort Review fees

Instead of hiring expensive escort girls and potentially getting into troubles with the law and ruining your budget, why not consider free hookup sites? They have all that you want with nowhere near the price of escort services. 

Can You Trust Felines Escort Reviews and Testimonials from Users?

User reviews are another typical problem of escort website. A typical tactic to boost the rating of a girl is tp upload multiple reviews. Whether they’re true or fake, it is difficult to assess. Therefore, when you see plenty of positive reviews and no negatives, you can be sure there is almost 100-percent certainty of fake reviews.

Felines Escort Review users testimonials

We took a look at the testimonials at Felines Escort and they really have only golden words for the girls. We don’t believe this reflects the true situation. The pictures and the profile descriptions and feet may not represent the real picture.

FelinesEscort.com Review Summary

This is a typical escort website for high-end escort models. The services are pricey and available in major cities, including sophisticated images and artsy descriptions. You won’t have difficulties concluding that this is not a free adult dating site. It’s up to you whether you fall for it. But don’t do it before you check options for hooking up on free resources with thousands of members.  

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