Catch Personals App Review: Moving on From Fake Ads (or Not?)

Catch Personals App Review: Moving on From Fake Ads (or Not?)

Since Craigslist personals have been shut down a few years back due to some crappy people doing stupid things many users started looking for other resources to hook up. A number of them joined online dating sites. Some downloaded hookup apps. The rest looked for Backpage and Craigslist replacements for casual encounters. Naturally, not all of these resources provided the same legit opportunities. Thousands of scammers from Craigslist also found their place on the new dating resources. Some of the frauds take place escorts websites. This you can see from the multiple reviews I’ve conducted in the past couple of weeks. However, the type of dating resource it’s not that important. The more essential thing is how to ward off against threats and scams. Let’s look at this Catch Personals app review and see what you can expect to find here.

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CatchPersonals Web vs. App Review

First of all, it’s important to know that this is an application. Therefore, you won’t be able to access it via a web browser or by searching for women on the web. Via the web version, you can see the basic features, understand the way it works, and explore the basic dating categories. Categories are basically copied from Craigslist and similar replacement sites. 

Catch Personals App Review: Xeroxing Craigslist Categories


You can find separate categories for men looking for women and women looking for men. Some of the bigger problems on Catch Personals include the lack of female profiles. Most of the recently posted profiles are from men. There are very little women here unlike many other great free hookup resources I’ve reviewed previously. 

Catch Personals App Review iOS service

Furthermore, this is an iOS app which means that only iPhone users can benefit from it. This is both an upside and a downside. On one hand, you can be protected from scams. But on the other, you can miss some dating opportunities. According to the Catch Personals review results, it’s better if you don’t own an iPhone at all!

Paid Memberships: Why You Shouldn’t Pay for Casual Hookups

Admittedly, most of the ex posted by men seem like they’re coming from real people. However, there is another problem with Catch Personals. The review says that you must pay to use it. Consequently, it’s by no means free. Actually, it uses an electronic building method with membership fees as many of the well-known authentic and fake dating sites do. You must register for free for a basic membership but if you want to use the advanced features that are really necessary for communication and meetups you must upgrade.

Catch Personals App Review membership fees

The Downsides of Catch Personals App: Review Conclusion

This Catch Personals report isn’t too long simply because there’re not that many features to review. Additionally, the member’s database is scarce and there are not many women with profiles to investigate, send messages to or have fun with even. If more women join in the future, it can be better. But it still takes some time to develop and you will still need to pay for that in the meantime. Whether you’re willing to do that it’s up to you! But before you jump in and explore your dating chances with paid memberships, why don’t you investigate some of the free resources? You may just find and get all that you want, and at no cost!

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