ADS Encounters Review: Don’t Fall for Escort Scams!

ADS Encounters Review: Don’t Fall for Escort Scams!

As our multiple reviews prove, not many adult dating sites are genuine. From time to time, though, there are websites that have the potential to become the Real Deal. Today, we are reviewing, a casual hookup site which is created like an advertising platform. This means that users can post ads and get in touch personally under several categories. There are no general, conventional advertising categories, like cars, jobs, real estate, and so forth here. Most of the content is focused on adult meetings of various kinds. But can you find real dates on ADS Encounters? Let’s see what this ADS Encounters review is going to reveal us. 

ADS Encounters Review: What’s the Difference Between Paid and Free Memberships?

The business model of this casual hookup site is explained in their Terms and Conditions. However, if you don’t have the time to read all the details and provisions here is a shortcut. ADS Encounters is an ad platform where registered users get the right to publish ads and pay for them. People who look for them can join for free, So, if you get the free membership you will only be able to browse other people’s ads. This is pretty suspicious because it resembles the model escort sites use.

ADS Encounters review categories

On escort sites, women post ads and pay for them while men join for free and get in touch with them without paying for that. However, they pay later when the meeting occurs. Although ADS Encounters is strictly against all types of paid sex work you can never have a guarantee when you do the meeting in person. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful when you contact women’s profiles on ADS encounters even if they seem like they are 100% genuine.

Reverse Image Search Unveiled Real Profiles on ADS Encounters

One of the best ways to check if a site for casual encounters and personals is genuine is to check the profiles Well, here comes the good news. We’ve checked a few of the profiles by using the reverse image search method and didn’t discover any fake profile. But there are over 1,700 women’s profile on ADS Encounters.

ADS Encounters review memberships free and paid

Even if we write a 10,000-word ADS Encounters review, we won’t be able to check all of them. Consequently, be careful, especially if they ask you for personal information or for money at the start. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the profiles may be so many because these are real women that work as escorts and paid companions.

ADS Encounters Review Wrap-up: Any Luck to Score in Bed?

Considering the fact that seems to have authentic user profiles you may just find a real date with a real person, from time to time. However, you should really check all the facts and figures before arranging a real date in person. Be extremely wary if you’re asked for money or personal information. Use another way of checking the other person’s credibility. All in all, there are slight chances that this web place will get you what you want. According to this ADS Encounters review, you should always remain vigilant when using public advertising platforms because of all the scammers and fraudsters that lurk in their dark corners. 

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