Bedpage Review: The Alternative to Backpage That’s No Different

Bedpage Review: The Alternative to Backpage That’s No Different

Do you ever wonder why sites like Backpage stopped existing? The main reason is that some of its contents had troubles with the law. Now I still don’t understand why people create accounts on advertisement sites and use personals and classified site to find hookups. After all the troubles many went through with on Backpage and its alternatives? After all the lessons learned from the Backpage closure, people are still trying to get laid on this dubious websites. What could be the reason for this? I assume that people fall for the promises made in the Terms of Use on these websites. It’s easy to expect great results when you base your expectations on empty promises. Let’s see if Bedpage is any different by reading this Bedpage review.

Main Points of the Bedpage Review

I have my doubts right from the start. Bedpage advertises its business as a Backpage alternative. This means that you can meet with the same type of people that created all that mess on Backpage. If you want to get paid sex dates, hire escorts or deal with phishing scans then you should go on and create an account to find your dates here.

However, if you’re not interested in handling such nonsense you should really go straight for genuine adult dating websites whose sole purpose is to hook up people for sex. Free sex!

There are no payments, no complications with the law, nothing illegal, just two (or more) grown-ups who meet for fun and nothing else. Review: How the Site Works?

The principle is simple. People who want to post ads need to have a different type of account than those who are looking for dates. If you want to post an ad, you must create an account and buy credits. This gives you an opportunity to manage your membership and manipulate your ad placement.

Bedpage review ad placements

There are five advanced options for ad placements. This namely increases your chances for your ad to show up in the first results and find just what you need. However, if you ask me, this is just a bunch of upsell strategies that won’t really give you better chances but will for sure make you pay more money.

Who Has Profiles on Bedpage?

The main problem is you won’t find any genuine dates. This is because the profiles on Bedpage are posted by escort agencies, solo escort girls, and similar commercial sex providers. It’s mostly all about the adult entertainment industry, so there are plenty of links to live sex cams and to sites of pornstars where nothing is for free.

If you’re an advertiser that is if you run an escort agency, or a solo escort business, you may want to use this website. But you won’t even notice how the ad budget mounted up to massive proportions. Although Bedpage claims that it charges a small minimum amount to boost your ad placement, you’ll end up overspending for nothing.

Is Bedpage a Scam?

I’m sure that there are genuine people who post real ads on this website. However, due to the principle that the company doesn’t take any accountability for the posted content, lots of people use this freedom to post fraudulent content. They also make illegal claims or mess up with other people’s personal data. Therefore, you should stay away from sites where there is so much unreliable content. Anyone can post anything regarding hookups here.

We can all agree that hookups are a sensitive category. You should rather join websites that have enabled some features for member protection, as well as precautions and security support.


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