Vip Escort Amsterdam Review

Vip Escort Amsterdam Review

I can’t get enough of Amsterdam girls and the abundance of their services. I’m spoiled for choice. They are sexy, groomed, and gorgeous. That said, they’re also so many of them! But I don’t like using expensive websites to get my sexual needs met. I find other ways to score. Hookup sites are my favorite. I’ve been using them for years successfully. Because of that, I recommend them before anything else. But if you’re really interested in hiring an escort in Amsterdam, read my Vip Escort Amsterdam review to learn more.

Vip Escort Amsterdam Review: High-class Escorts in Holland

The main area for these girls is Amsterdam but they also work in other major Dutch cities. You can find them in Rotterdam or The Hague. I guess Amsterdam is just popular for being the world capital of legal sex work. Therefore, most of the girls and thousands of others from other agencies are in this area. 

What does it mean to be a VIP or a high-class escort? First of all, the girl must be hot. Not just average hot, but super hot. Take a look at the ladies here and you’ll get the picture.

Vip Escort Amsterdam review ladies gallery

Often, luxury escort services mean that the escorts have other qualities, as well. For example, social skills so that they can provide the girlfriend experience (GFE). Many clients like hiring them to attend business events, not only for the sex, although that’s very important. 

Finally, a premium escort costs more than the average escort agency service. If the standard rates are $200 per hour for average or $150 for more affordable girls, luxury escorts cost $400 per hour. You will also need to pay for taxis, hotel accommodation, even gifts. Now you can see why I’m not a big fan of looking for sex on escort websites. 

Why I Use Hookup Sites and Avoid High-end Escorts

Even if I’m traveling I’d rather hook up on adult dating sites. They are free or cost much less. Many women abroad speak English anyway so I can just use a hookup app or if I don’t know anything about great hookup places, just visit Tinder. That’s what most normal people would do. Luckily, I know a few places where you can get great fun for cheap money. But be careful, some free websites have poor features or are downright scams. Sometimes, it’s worth paying a few bucks for a membership to get decent service and profile priority. Escorts can also pose huge risks for scams, especially if you are in a country you don’t know.

Vip Escort Amsterdam Review: Conclusion

We agreed that the girls are true gems, real cookies. Sweet, sexy, and courageous. So, if you think you need to pay at least $500 for a couple of hours, sure, go ahead. But be aware of the potential risks. Most importantly, be aware that you could be paying too much for something you can get for free. In my opinion, it’s always better to start using casual dating sites and learn how to score there.

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