UK Sugar Babes Review: The Highest Class of British Escorts

UK Sugar Babes Review: The Highest Class of British Escorts

I’m not sure why this escort website carries the name UK Sugar Babes because the sweet little companions are the least represented category. I found many other escort types while the main is the Elite London courtesans. So if you’re looking for London escorts and like to spice the variety here is what else is there: pornstar escorts, mature escorts, fetish escorts, British escorts, and busty escorts. You will see that there is nothing unusual in this UK Sugar Babes review. It’s the standard British Escorts story. Let’s find out more about its features, perks, and downsides.

UK Sugar Babes Review: How Much Will They Cost You?

I’m not sure what will be the rates that you will need to pay. If you look at the drop-down menu on the homepage, you will notice the race starts from £150 per hour and get as high as £600. However, if you take a look at the gallery, there is a different story. Most of the girls there have higher rates which are in the upper range of £500 per hour. Also, most of them are not available at a particular moment so you won’t be able to have that wide of a choice. Available girls carry the appropriate tag. It’s quite noticeable in their main profile picture. You can call the agency on the displayed phone number but you need to follow the rules.

Skyrocketing Rates

Rates are even more expensive if you want to make outcall visits that are far away from London. Basic visits will cost you at least £2,000 because you need to make a 2-hour booking. The agency requires that you book girls for at least 3 hours or do overnight stay bookings for places that are further away. As it turns out hiring an escort in London is a pretty luxury experience. It will cost you at least a couple of quid. 

UK Sugar Babes review adult movie star rates

Rates Comparison with Hookup Sites

On the other hand, if you skip using escorts websites and try your with hookup sites you might just get lucky with the portion of that cost. Annual memberships on adult dating websites cost as much as 100 or 200 dollars. What you get is women interested in sex that are not such bombshells but you may be pleasantly surprised.

How to Save and Still Have Great Sex?

London escorts on this website are limited in the London area. If you use one of the larger adult dating websites you will save on costs and have a much better choice in terms of locations and available members. Of course, these women may not satisfy your every whim. But isn’t that a part of the excitement? If you’re ready to avoid cost for travel bookings, including accommodation and flights, you might as well use the local hook-up site that will save you all of this trouble.  

Conclusion: Is It Worth Hiring High-Class British Escorts?

If spending a few thousands of British pounds is not a problem for you then sure, go ahead. But if you don’t want to be wasteful then you should really look into signing up for a hookup site. I don’t see any reasons to expose yourself to the risk of catching an STD and paying so much for something you’re not even sure that you will get. Escort girls often promise way more than what they deliver. After all, it’s a business for them, as well. That business element can really make things turn awry. And on adult dating websites you have all the liberty to make your choices and your decisions. That’s why I always vote in favor of hookup sites.

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