Tryst.Link Review: 100-Percent Escorts!

Tryst.Link Review: 100-Percent Escorts!

Tryst.Link review escorts

Tryst.Link is a weird escort site. It is definitely not the one to find casual hookups but if you want to learn more read the following Tryst.Link review. The site has been founded by three founders who have successfully run another enterprise in the past. This time they’re together to bring you opportunities for finding legitimate escorts. They claim that they work for the benefit of their clients and the sex providers, creating a rewarding community. Let’s see how much of that is true but going into this review further.

What Does It Take To Create A Profile On Tryst.Link?

To create a profile on Tryst.Link, you must meet three criteria:

  1. You must have uploaded at least 3 photos
  2. Enter your correct location
  3. Fill out the proper gender category in order to show up in the escort categories

From this description, it’s obvious that this is not a site for casual hookups. Therefore, you should be very careful if you are into NSA dating. You won’t find that here. A big problem is that the site tries to verify profiles but cannot provide a 100-percent guarantee that they’re alright. It’s up to your own discretion to make a decision whether they are genuine.\

Tryst.Link review verification

This is stated in the terms and conditions so it’s up to you to decide who are you dealing with.

Who Are the Escorts on Tryst.Link?

Our report says there are various experts on this website if you jump to the menu you will see that there are around 30 categories in which you can browse your favorite escorts:

  1. BBW escorts
  2. Curvy escorts
  3. Petite escorts
  4. Short-haired escorts
  5. Tall escorts
  6. Busty escorts
  7. Red-haired escorts
  8. Tattooed escorts
  9. Trans escorts
  10. Hispanic escorts
  11. Asian escorts
  12. Black escorts
  13. Blonde escorts
  14. Brunette escorts
  15. Mature escorts
  16. Massage providers
  17. 420-friendly profiles

For example, here is what the profile of an escort in New Jersey looks like:

Tryst.Link review Marisol

As you may already know, the word escort is a cover-up for many other things, including prostitution, as well as for similar activities, which includes massage parlors, companions and even dating sites. This can be very confusing for someone who never visited an escort site or for people who are joining a casual dating site for the first time. Be careful that you don’t get Into the trap. These escorts will ask you for money for sure, and because this is illegal in the United States you may even get into bigger trouble. Here are their rates:

  1. Incall
    • Dinner Date 1 Hour – US$100
    • 1 Hour – US$400
    • 2 Hour – US$700
    • 3 hours – US$1,200
  2. Outcall
    • 1 Hour – US$400
    • 2 Hour – US$700
    • 3 Hours – US$1,200

Summary of the Tryst.Link Review

At least the people behind this site don’t promise personal encounters or hookup opportunities/ You know that you’re dealing with escorts! But since the profiles cannot be verified, watch out for misrepresentation, money scams, and other problematic stuff. If you really must check Tryst.Link, do it in your neighborhood so that you avoid huge frauds in areas you don’t know.

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