Top Companions Review: European Luxuries You Don’t Need

Top Companions Review: European Luxuries You Don’t Need

This is one of those luxury elite escort services where you really need to pay for what you get. Don’t expect to pay low fees. You just need to take a look at the pictures posted on various sections of the website it will immediately become obvious that a couple of hundred dollars won’t make it. You will need to say goodbye to at least a few thousands. If you’re ready to explore such expensive escort services then let’s delve deeper into this Top Companions review.

Top Companions Review: A Friend or a Foe?

It’s no wonder that most expensive call girls and escorts are in Europe. The business there blooms and stop companions is not an exception. It’s not available in all locations, but according to this Top Companions review, you will find a girl that you can hire in many larger European cities. The full list is available at the bottom of the website. 

The escort girls are divided into two main categories: models and travel companions. Truth be told, there is not a big difference between the looks or the styling of these girls. They all look sexy, sassy, and gorgeous. You can notice that quite some time has been dedicated to taking the pictures on beautiful locations. Girls are also styled with impeccable makeup and great lingerie. This is a really a website with top companions for top clients.

Undisclosed Fees Are a Warning Sign!

However, there is one thing that’s missing. You can tell the price for his girl unless you ask for her rates by filling in a contact form. Even if you consider hiring a top companion to provide the girlfriend experience or keep you company at the party you still need to know how much it will cost you. And there are no clear prices here. At least when you do hookups on adult dating websites, you’re getting in without charges, deposits, and expectations. 

Vague Booking Process with Lots of Personal Details

Another problem I discovered in this Top Companions review is that there are no clear instructions about the booking process, as well as other ways to contact the website. In order to fill in the contact form, you must provide your name and other personal details and your email address.

Top Companions review booking form

It’s pretty vague and can lead you astray in many different dangerous directions. It can be a source of the typical scams and frauds on escort websites, such as:

  1. Paying a deposit and getting nothing in return 
  2. Different girl showing up
  3. The girl doesn’t look at all like her picture
  4. You’ll have to pay extra fees for transportation and accommodation
  5. Your personal details get shared with unauthorised parties

And let’s not forget about the worst-case scenarios, such as being threatened with revealing personal details, getting STDs, or having trouble with the law! Of course, we don’t say that this will definitely happen on top companions but when you’re dealing with unknown escorts for which you must pay, there is always an element of risk.

Top Companions Review Summary

In summary, this Top Companions review presented more risks than I expected, especially in regards to the undisclosed fees and description of services.

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