Review: A Colorado Escort Forum is All You’ll Get! Review: A Colorado Escort Forum is All You’ll Get!

If you want to join an escort site that provides membership on the basis of personal reviews and references, then just might be your choice. However, from review we just conducted, it became obvious that the site is just starting. Or, it didn’t raise a lot of interest. There are only 7 listings made by women in Colorado although there are search links for almost all major world locations. There you go – it seems like is a private endeavor with the aspiration to grow. Regardless of the small number of members, it’s more important that it is an escort site. So – no free dates! Let’s see how functions from the rest of the review. Review: 7 Profiles Only

This website is imagined to work as a forum and a platform for personal listings, reviews, and references for the ladies made by the gentlemen. If you are interested in hiring an escort in Colorado, then you may find some valuable tips among the references made by others. But remember that there are only 7 listings for women here. That’s understandable since women need to pay a $65 membership fee. In contrast, men pay zero. Review seven listings

That’s another proof that you’re dealing with an escort site and that you are far from getting laid for free. 

What’s in a Profile Section?

The profile sections are obviously done for marketing. That’s what the photos look like and the description. You can notice from miles away that these girls will charge you for what you get! Don’t expect casual dates on this website. Also, don’t forget that the escort girls are only in Colorado. Review profile section

If you go through the sections for help, you’ll find out that the scope of this website doesn’t stretch further than Colorado, despite the big promises in the search filters! Review Colorado coverage Reviews, References, and Listings

Okay, so the Listings part is populated by women while the reviews and references are completed by men. References are some sort of unverified reviews. However, in a similar manner as the reviews and the listings, you won’t find too many of them. It looks like a couple of people came together and decided to run a platform for escorts without providing any guarantee or verification about the members. Since anyone can join, you can only hope you won’t get scammed! Review Colorado coverage

If you think that a $65 fee is some assurance that you won’t get ripped off, think again! Escort girls charge hundreds of dollars per hour so the fee is just going to scratch them!

Summary of the Features on

The overall impression of the website is that it is just a lame beginning with no real value for users who are looking for plenty of opportunities to find casual sex. References are non-verified. Reviews are scarce. Listings can be counted on one hand. It becomes clear that you will be only wasting your time on At least read the forum, because that’s the liveliest section of all!  

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