Slixa Review: The Home of Rip-off Escorts or Decent Prices?

Slixa Review: The Home of Rip-off Escorts or Decent Prices?

I often wonder how escort websites manage to make money. Some of them are so expensive that I never get the inspiration to join and use some of their services. According to this Slixa review, you really need to be willing to spend a lot of money in order to find an escort here. The basic rates start from $800 for an hour and you will even need to give a deposit. If you’re interested in dating luxury escorts then go on to explore this Slixa review in more detail.

Slixa Review: Heaven for Eyes and Hell for Your Wallet

One of the better aspects of escort websites is that they have real cuties. At least I can say that the babes are super sexy. They are true gems – hot, unique, and each has a specialty. They are also very open to cooperation and trying different things. So if you have unmet desires you won’t have troubles meeting them here. However, it will cost you. There are rates for US users, as well as for European users. And two days spent with a Slixa escort can cost as much as $10,000!

Cheap Casual Dating vs. Expensive Escorts

The best advice I could give to people that visit escort website directories and expect to find cheap services is to look elsewhere. Stick to browsing through the picture galleries just for fun. Otherwise, you should look either into some cheaper escort resources or skip them altogether and join free hookup sites. It doesn’t cost a dime to look. But it can cost you a small fortune for a new car, for instance, if you date an escort from Slixa escorts. Review – Sugar Daddies Are Welcome!

Another problem is that the services are advertised under different names – for example, Pay and play, Sugar babes and Escorts. But if you dig deeper and explore the services offered under each of these tabs you’ll find out there are the same type of service. Each of them takes you to a site called Secret Benefit. The site carries the nickname Tinder for mature men. In fact, don’t expect to find anything for free here. You should be well-heeled and willing to spend a lot of money on younger girls.

The Bottom Line of the Slixa Review – Great for the Photo Galleries Only

Although the profile of each girl showcases her best attributes and paints a perfect picture of a sexual experience it cost thousands of dollars to spend the night with an escort. If you ended up here by searching for casual hookups you should know that you won’t find them here. Sometimes escorts websites and adult dating sites resemble each other. Therefore, users confuse them for a similar experience. However, that’s not the case with this Slixa review. It’s a strict escort website. You can enjoy the girls visually but don’t hire them. There are cheaper ways to get laid for sure and you can look for them on casual dating websites.

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