Palace Vip Review: Elite London Escorts

Palace Vip Review: Elite London Escorts

London is heaven for elite escort services. Some of the best and most expensive escort services are located in the capital of the UK. It is expected that you’re interested in finding more about escort agencies. We come to help you. It is just natural that you are apprehensive, especially with all the scams and frauds that take place on escort websites The costs can be even higher when a premium escort website is in question. Today, we’re working on the Palace VIP review to introduce to the potential risks of booking with elite London escorts. 

Palace Vip Review: Escort Rules

If you consider the honesty policy about the girls who work with Palace Vip, you could say there aren’t many dangers that could happen. Escorts need to follow a strict set of rules. These rules include giving priority to the agency in all aspects of their work. This is an important element to keep in mind when hiring girls via this escort website.

Palace Vip review honesty policy for girls

For example, the cost should be pretty clear. You shouldn’t make arrangements with the girls on your own. You should not ask about any specific discounts or fees because you can create trouble for her and for you as well. She could use her payment and you could use your status of a privileged member.

Commission Fees and Complex Third-Party Associations

The downside of using an escort agency is additional fees. With an independent escort, you will only need to pay the basics. With agencies, you also need to add that extra commission fee the agency charges to organize the service. As you can see, it is usually problematic if a third party is involved in a simple arrangement between two persons. On hookup sites, this never happens because you share intimate communication with women who are interested in sex as much as you are. 

Palace Vip review Director's Club

Palace Vip Review Findings: What Hides in the Director’s Club?

The directors’ club is a special privileged membership. You get access to luxury girls. They cost more, typically coming with rates higher than $800 an hour. Additionally, you get extra services such as event management, travel booking, party organization, and similar gatherings that the agency can organize for you. Palace VIP provides a special gallery for this premium director’s club. 

How Much Will an Escort Evening Cost You?

This is all nice but it comes with a tiny caveat: a date can cost you as much as $7,000! You can do that if you think it’s necessary. But before you dive headstrong into hiring escorts, there is another option. Have you considered trying your luck on high-class hookup sites? Your life can simplify if you get better in hooking up on adult dating sites. Not to mention saving loads of money you can spend in so many ways, if not on splurge it on the date. You can be the conductor of this experience, which can be as memorable and as hot as an event for which you’ve paid thousands.

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