Review: The Truth behind Most Classified Ad Sites Review: The Truth behind Most Classified Ad Sites

With so many people advertising on Craigslist and eBay, adult dating scams are just waiting to happen on advertisement sites. If you are looking to hook up on a classified ad site, you may encounter even more problems than with specific hookup dating scams. There are more people and more profiles. This automatically means greater risks to meet someone nasty or bump into ads that will take your money. If you thought that the small print is the worst danger of fake hookup sites, wait until you find out the truth about ad sites. Read more about the poor quality of escort sites and fake ads sites in this review. Review home page

The Only Review You Need to Read is essentially an escort site. If we judge by the majority of profiles there, you won’t find any real people looking for casual dates there. Such fraudulent activities ruin the business of legitimate dating sites. They need to try harder to provide great platforms for open-minded people. That’s why we included this review on this website. Our goal is to let you know how to ward yourself against fake profiles and money-making ads.

A Flood of Escorts and Zero Real Women

Are there really ads for cars, apartment rentals, and alike on Onebackpage? No – these categories are only a cover for running an illegitimate business for escorts. 99 percent out of all profiles we met during this review were made by escort models. There may be a few lost souls among them, equally naive and trusting that they are communicating with real people!

If you are lucky enough to meet them – great! But you better tell them where there are wasting their time! As you may already know, using escorts is against the law in most countries. You can even end up in jail! Another problem with hiring escorts online is that you can talk with profiles that are not even real people! They can be chatbots or agents selling you paid memberships.

This Review Reveals Webcam Models Hide Among Fake Profiles

Just have a look at this screenshot – it’s not only taken on a page full of fake ads for real estate and non-existent cars, but it also has dozens of links to cam sites, ads, and gift offers: Review truth

Apart from fake female profiles, masking as cam models and luring you into buying tokens is another tactic of businesses hoodwinked as casual dating websites. If you know the story of the original Backpage, then you know that ti turned out to be a huge disappointment for many people. It was therefore shut down to prevent other scams.

Conclusion about

The truth is there is rarely a site with classified personals that is genuine. Most people spend an incredible amount of time to find legit places and start dating without a hassle. One thing is for sure. You will have much better success on hookup sites than on ad sites, even when they are with poor security and features because more dangers hide on advertisement sites. Our general recommendation is to avoid sites for personals and classifieds. Stick to adult dating sites with good reviews.

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