Lush Escorts Review: Risky Business for Dating Fans

Lush Escorts Review: Risky Business for Dating Fans

Most of the escort website reviews made for UK escort girls have one thing in common. They point out the major cost difference between luxury escort services and average directories. Considering the advertised prices, I could freely say that Luch Escorts is at the lower end of the payment scale. The state rates are as cheap as 60 or 120 GBP per hour. But how much is the real cost of hiring an escort? It’s definitely not like using a free hookup app where you can get laid for free. If you want to know more about the fees and prices when using such services, read the rest of this Lush escorts review. 

Lush Escorts Review: Naughty Fun in Birmingham

The selection is quite good. There are many different types of girls. Whoever organizes the website look like they have all figured out. The pictures are there, the booking process is explained, the rates are inclusive with no hidden fees. All seems like an excellent genuine experience, with no sidetracking features. However, I always do a bit more thorough research just to look for loopholes that are not noticeable at first sight. This time I went for the recruitment process and the FAQ section. Of course, I couldn’t skip the fees!

  • Problems with the recruitment process. Lush escorts claim it knows each girl personally. I find that hard to believe as girls can apply for a job online. If there is some sort of verification, it’s not mentioned here.

  • Difference between paying in cash and via bank transfer. Regarding cancellation, there is a 10% admin fee for bank transfer. If you cancel the appointment when paying in cash and don’t call in in advance you may be banned from the site. 

Therefore, there is no 100-percent guarantee for the total experience.

What Are the True Costs of Hiring via Lush Birmingham Escorts?

Here is the table of the costs for each type of service: 

Lush Escorts Review costs

If you look for some faults, you’ll definitely find them. For example, there are no fees for extra services. According to the facts in my Lush Escorts review, they are non-existent. Let’s hope that is what happens in practice!

Features You May Be Interested In

How do you search for a girl?

  1. Gallery. Access to all girls with pics and profile descriptions.
  2. VIP members’ site. The place for regulars – those that have booked at least 3 times and are in good standing with the site.
  3. Girls by type. The easy way to find what you are looking for.
  4. Available today. It makes your booking easier if you need instant service.
  5. Incall calendar. Who is in as a host?
  6. Outcall calendar. Who is on for a guest visit?

The extra features make the quest simple. They are free.

Wrap-up of the Lush Escorts Review

What matters most when you want to get laid? Looks, personality, and availability. And fewer complications, for sure. Another factor that matters is not being ripped off when you do that. Therefore, you don’t want to date for tins of money and spend a fortune as a regular on escort websites. If you want to be the true VIP, use premium hookup sites, where you get the same options for a portion of the price you will pay on escort websites. Finally, In will wrap up the Lush escorts review by mentioning the risks of scams and frauds. They always come up on weird new places on the net. So, be careful!  

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