List Crawler Review: Picking up Escort Ads from All Over the Web

List Crawler Review: Picking up Escort Ads from All Over the Web

“Crawling” websites usually pick up info from other resources and generate new lists, information, or selections according to fresh criteria. According to the List Crawler review outcome, this is the practice of List Crawler, too. In fact, most of the content leads to another escort website called

List Crawler review all lists

This is definitely an escort website. You should not confuse it with an adult dating site that provides free hookups. Most of the girls have clearly stated rates. The good thing is that they are relatively cheap – this is not a directory of luxury escorts. They may not cost you as much as hiring a high caliber escort, However, they are not free. So, what can you expect on List Crawler? Let’s find out!

List Crawler Review: Retrieved Profiles

You must be over 21 to enter the site. But no registration is required. The next step is to choose your location, country first, then city, and wait for the search filters to return available escorts in your area. I tested my luck with Miami, FL escorts. However, I got the impression that most locations work in the same way.

When you “arrive” at your destination, in this case, Miami, you get access to specific ads posted by escorts. They follow a typical format, posting a few photos and providing a short description of services.


Rates can be as low as $35 or $45 for half an hour. If you look on the side, you’ll notice a variety of lists with different names, mostly different sexual preferences. Most girls have some nudes and Snapchat pics. 

How Reviews from Users Opened My Eyes

I took my chance with two lists – one with ebony girls and one with a fun name, I don’t even remember what was it. The results were all the same. They both took me to another website called Escort Babylon.

This site should evidently include List Crawler reviews from other users. But I couldn’t find a single List Crawler review, for one simple reason. In order to read reviews, you must also submit a review. And you cannot submit a List Crawler review unless you’ve used the services of the particular girl. Therefore, I didn’t get any. 

Should You Use List Crawler? Review Says Nope!

I don’t want to pay for sexual experiences and neither should you if you have the opportunities to get the same for free. I’ve had plenty of pussy on hookup apps so I don’t see the need to pay to someone who may not even look like what’s on the photo. I also don’t want to get scammed or pay my money and get nothing in return.

And that happens. It happens a lot on fake adult dating sites and escort directories. There are always black sheep that can totally ruin the experience. In my opinion, you’re much better joining a good free hookup site. Even if you don’t score at once, at least you haven’t paid huge amounts of money!

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