High Society Girls Review: is This the No#1 Escort Agency in Toronto?

High Society Girls Review: is This the No#1 Escort Agency in Toronto?

If you’re looking for Toronto escorts and are willing to pay a high price then you’re at the right place. Today’s High Society Girls review will explain everything you need to know about this escort booking and advertising agency. We’re actually looking at facts presented on their website. Now, let’s dig in and find out about all the secrets you need to know without spending your time by doing the research yourself

High Society Girls Review: Is it Any Good?

The name of this website tells you everything. It’s a high-end escort agency with some of the most expensive and most beautiful girls in Toronto. In fact, in one of their blogs, they say they are the Number 1 Escort Agency in the area. Although, if you look at other reviews posted on HokupEasyTonight, other Toronto agencies think that, as well. For example. look at this Toronto Passions review. The escort gallery is located centrally on the homepage. You can use search filters to find the escort you desire from the side menu. Filters include looks, locations, and services. 

High Society Girls Review escort page example

Toronto Escort Gallery

By clicking on the picture you can learn more information about each girl. In this area, you find out about her rates, personality, and some stats about what she looks like. You will also find her preferred drinks, gifts, and similar products.

Hourly Rates

 It’s very important to note that this is a very pricey service. I’ve met rates like 150 euros or dollars per hour or even $300 to $350 per hour However, these are beyond that. Yes, they may be Canadian dollars but the rates are still above the maximum threshold. Additionally, there are no variations in the rates between the girls. All of them are luxury escorts. So if you’re looking for stingy services this is not for you definitely. 

Booking Process

To book you can use the booking form presented on the website. Another way too to hire a girl is to call the number displayed on the web page. 

Location Filters

This is a location-based escort agency. It provides which escorts are available in respective areas of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. You can also search for escorts at Pearson Airport. 


The pictures of the girls are really beautiful. The agency itself has high standards for hiring the girls. For example, they don’t accept the girls who get drugs or drink excessively. There is open recruitment. Girls who wish to get hired need to fill in the online form and send high-quality photos to be considered for partnership with High Society Girls. 


The blog content is focused on advertising about High Society Girls. It’s weird that the posts don’t have any images. But you can still find a few pieces of useful information over and there. These are mainly about places to eat or drink in Toronto.

Should You use High Society Girls? Report Conclusion

I guess that is you are an escort who wants to work with female bosses you can join High Society girls. So I definitely think it’s a good option on behalf of the girls. But whether is a good option on behalf of the clients, that’s a totally different story. There are many reasons people high escorts. Availability and quality are two of them. If you think you need to pay to satisfy these criteria then, by all means, go ahead and book these girls. But if you’re just looking to get laid and don’t have money to waste then you might consider joining an adult dating website. They have plenty of advantages (solid membership) and many women willing to date. And you don’t have to pay those prices!

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