Golden Escorts Ibiza Review: Sunny Delights or a Crazy Ripoff?

Golden Escorts Ibiza Review: Sunny Delights or a Crazy Ripoff?

With so many people going to Ibiza to have lots of crazy fun I’m surprised that you need to hire escorts if you find yourself on the island. Dating should be pretty straightforward. With all those foam parties and the champagne getting a hookup should be easy. Still, many people decide to pay for escorts and look for escort websites to take care of that, even in glamorous places such as Ibiza. maybe this is the main reason why escort websites position themselves on filthy-rich islands. there are a lot of clients who would be potentially interested to hire an escort. Whether you will get the sweet deal or be ripped off by using Golden Escorts Ibiza, it’s a huge secret. But you might learn more from this Golden Escorts Ibiza review. 

Golden Escorts Ibiza the girls

Golden Escorts Ibiza Review: No Sign of Clear Rates

Yes, the escort models are awesome but the rates are not displayed. You will get a glimpse of what will happen if you book one of the sexy girls who are mostly Latinas. Keep in mind this is a luxury escort website service. Don’t expect it to be on the cheap side. As Golden Escorts Ibiza promises, these are cultured, well educated and fun girls to spend time with. They are not just to hire them for sex.

Overall, there are many different reasons why people hire escorts. They do it for the girlfriend experience, for business purposes, or as traveling companions. But yes, the main reason is sex. That can cost too much especially when it is with a beautiful girl. If you’re going to drunken parties on the famous island and expect cheap sex this is not the place to look for a service.

If you want to book a girl by liking her profile you have three options:

  1. Fill out the contact form that is on the website
  2. Use the WhatsApp application or
  3. Directly dial the phone number

As I said before though, there is no mention of the rates. Therefore, this is pretty shaky ground and must be threaded carefully.

Two other sections that are not for clients are dedicated to the blog content and to the girls casting. Basically, the casting is very simple  A girl just needs to fill in a few basic boxes and upload at least 3 photos. The blog is pretty poor with content, too, giving just basic information about partying in Ibiza festivals.

There is no mention of payments, hourly rates, or the fees for the additional services.

Why I Don’t Want to Use Ibiza Call Girls?

The answer to this question is pretty simple: there are pretty big chances to be ripped off. I can’t stand when this happens to other people. It hasn’t happened to me since my early days when I didn’t know anything about adult dating hookups, webcams, escort services, and the rest of the adult entertainment industry. Now that I have some experience I’d like to help other people and make them avoid the same mistakes. Consequently, I always recommend using free dating resources among which free hookup apps are the best option. There are plenty of good options out there and you need to do some testing to find the one that suits you.

When you do the quest, always take care to find:

  1. Clearly disclosed payments,
  2. Good site support,
  3. Verified profiles, and
  4. Free membership packages.

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