Girls Escort Amsterdam Review: Ditch the Sex for Money Forever

Girls Escort Amsterdam Review: Ditch the Sex for Money Forever

Amsterdam is the highlight city for sex dates, as many people know. You can visit brothels, get weed, and have the most amazing time money can buy. The accent here is on ”buy”. Amsterdam has commercialized the sex industry and you cannot get away with free services. If you want to hire an escort, you have plenty of options, but you need to pay for them. Luckily, there are all sorts of rates, as the affordable rates in this Girls Escort Amsterdam review will show you clearly.

Girls Escort Amsterdam review chatbot rates

Girls Escort Amsterdam Review: Gallery Issues

The gallery is stunning and the girls are very hot. It is difficult to believe that you can get one of these girls at the mentioned rates. Which makes me wonder – are these pics real? You know that Photoshop is the Bible of Instagram models and call girls. Some of them don’t look like the pictures at all. So, whenever I encounter something that seems oo good to be true, I have my suspicions.

I took a chance with one of the most popular girls called Sirena Blue, a saucy blonde with a perfect body with curves at all the right places. Take a look at her pictures and you’ll agree that the rates are hard to believe. Often, when I find rates close to the ones in the Girls Escort Amsterdam review, they are not on an affordable escort website.  Could it be we are looking at bait pics? It seems we are not, according to the Girls Escort Amsterdam reviews from visitors:

Girls Escort Amsterdam reviews from users

Girls Escort Amsterdam Reviews

Take a look at what clients say – Sirena Blue is the dream of the dreams! If they are true, that something else is fishy here. I’m not sure exactly what. Then again, maybe something changed in the escort industry and girls have lower rates. I find that hard to believe considering other luxury escort websites. However, I will keep investigating and let you know when I discover something new.  

Regular Rates

  1. One Hour: 160 €
  2.  Two Hours: 320 €
  3.  Three Hours: 450 €

VIP Rates

  1. One Hour: 180 €
  2.  Two Hours: 360 €
  3.  Three Hours: 540 € Review: Partners

Having so many adverts can be a sign of a mutually supportive business relationship. But it can also signal just plain old marketing tricks. Which way the pendulum swings? I’ll need to dig deeper over time to find out the truth. But don’t hold your breath for positive news!

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Visiting Amsterdam? Go for Free Hookup Apps Before Escort Agencies

The chatbot messaging app that pops up once you open Girls Escort Amsterdam gives the basic rate. It covers sex, BJ, condom, and taxi. Obviously, this is no escort service but the good old brothel. You don’t need me to tell you about all the risks with prostitution. If you want to avoid all that and still get great hookup results without overpaying download a hookup app and try your chances.

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