Escort News Review: Decent Selection at a Price

Escort News Review: Decent Selection at a Price

Escort News is one of the sites where you will get a bit of everything. If you think that’s generous, think again. Looking at plenty of various content can be confusing. You won’t know whether you’re looking at a pornstar, escort girl, or a webcam girl. Truth be told, if you don’t mind using either of these services, then you’ll end up having a great time on Escort News. However, if you’re only looking for free sex and don’t enjoy paying for getting your dick hard then you might want to look for dates elsewhere. Let’s find out everything that is there to know about Escort News from this Escort News review.

Escort News Review: Profiles & Girls

The side carries a European domain. Most of the girls’ profiles are in European destinations, especially towards the south, for example, Greece and Turkey. At the same time, Escort News reviews from users are also coming from that area. Therefore, you will be able to find reviews written in Greek and in Turkish. On a second guess, that’s related to your location – so you have one problem sorted out!

Escort News Review from users

After the Escort News Review Reports from Locals

Although this is a good way to certify the authenticity of the Escort News review providers I must say it annoyed me I couldn’t understand everything about them.  Then again, the escort also gives her thank you note after the review. At least you know if she confirms or denies the review message. Search & Site Navigation

I was searching for escorts from the mobile view, which is pretty simple and decent. You can find the girl you need, for example, under one of the three main categories on the main menu. Additionally, you will be able to find and a more specific search by clicking on one of the taps for sexual preference.

Naturally, the site gives most attention to the girls’ profiles that are all over the front-page screen. I must admit that they’re pretty gorgeous. But being so sexy comes at a price so they won’t cost you cheaply. They can cost you from about $200 to $400 per hour. 

What I Don’t Like about Escort Review Finale

Now, here is what I don’t like. I don’t like that the cam services have an almost identical visual representation of the girls. If you accidentally (or even on purpose with a hard-on) clicked on the link, you won’t be able to distinguish between the girls. Also, there is a warning that Escort News is only an advertising resource where agencies and other independent contractors post their classified ads. Don’t confuse these classified ads with classified ads and personals on adult dating websites where people are looking for casual encounters for free.

That’s the biggest mistake you can make on an escort website – and you will be unpleasantly surprised when you find out that you need to pay for the date. Each girl comes with a description under the profile to know what you get. The descriptions are pretty explicit if you know what I mean. Each profile contains the phone number as well so you may straight dial-up the service and arrange the meeting.

In conclusion of this Escort News review. I must say that I don’t like paying for sex. I avoid using escort services whenever I can. But if you like to try some of these girls I don’t blame you. They’re awesome! However, you better be prepared to open your wallet and pay handsomely. 

Note: This is a mixed escort website and you can also find boy and trans escorts. Now, that’s something else you should pay attention to as you don’t actually want to end up with trans escorts if you thought you booked a girl. Overall, a pretty decent escort website with nice Mediterranean girls. It’s not a free dating site so don’t expect to get laid for free.

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