Escort for Love Review: Casual Sex in the North

Escort for Love Review: Casual Sex in the North

Northern girls are truly one of a kind. if you’re interested in having sex with northern girls you should know that hiring escorts is not the only option. You can get identical results on hookup sites. Still, if you’re traveling in one of the Scandinavian countries you might want to hire an escort via Today’s Escort for Love review tells you all about what you can find by using this website.

Escort for Love Review: Scandinavian Escorts for Hire

At first glance, there is nothing special about Escort for Love. It has all the features and functionalities as the average advertising platform for escorts. The only notable difference is about the available locations. Most of the girls are from Reykjavik. Some of them are from Stockholm. But there are also girls that work in London and other UK cities such as Croydon, for example. You can imagine that there is more than one blonde girl. The site is pretty nicely done. It includes great visuals of the girls. Although, I would like to see more pictures in the gallery for each of the escort models.

Escort for Love review Scandinavian locations

Come to think of the name, this site provides the girlfriend experience (GFE). Generally speaking, you can get all sorts of sexual preferences here if you know how to look for it.  The prices are in Scandinavian currency so you need to pay extra attention when you book a girl. All in all, regardless of the currencies, I can tell you for sure that the girls are not cheap.

How Can You Search Escorts by Filters?

The search filters are one of the best features of Decent search filters, even more than decent, which really provides an easy booking so that you can hire the girl you want with a few clicks on the relevant button. Here are the included search filters:

  1. Category
  2. Preferred services
  3. Service Information
  4. Preferred:
    1. Hair color
    2. Eye color
    3. Breast type
  5. Escorts by age

What else you can use to search for girls? There are alternative ways to look into the website content. For example, you can use the sitemap. Additionally, you can look into the tags. Finally, if you don’t like the content posted on this website you can search through the links to other escort websites. The busiest search filters are probably top city locations because this is where the most traffic comes from.

Is an Agency?

The website says no. Since you won’t be paying for agency commissions you can assume that you will need to pay less. But they don’t get ahead of yourself. You still need to pay the difference and this time you will pay it via the escort service.

Escort for Love review not an agency

Escorts advertise for free or for a fee. That fee will be included in your charge if you decide to hire one. On the other hand, if you try your luck on dating websites, you will skip all these third-party fees because you communicate directly with the women you want to have sex with. You may need to pay subscription fees but there are minimal compared to escort hourly rates. The conclusion is that casual dating websites provide the same benefits but without the expensive prices. So it’s up to you to decide which will be your logical choice.

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