Review: There is Nothing for Free! Review: There is Nothing for Free!

If you’re looking for all types of escorts such as female, male, trans, this is the place to be. Also, if you like to pay for your fun and sex you can become a member of this escort website. You probably don’t! However, if you’re looking for casual sex without any payments for free, and with no strings attached, then you should be looking for your luck elsewhere. According to this review, there are plenty of ways in which you can end up broke and maybe even without a date.

All Ways You Must Pay Highlights

Free stuff? Not a chance! Wherever you turn, you’ll find some dangers lurking in the background asking you to pay. So, can you find free dates on It’s a positive no! Beware, you need to be careful with your money!

Cam Girls Links

Cams ads are among the first things you’ll see on the homepage. Cam rooms function on the principle of free tokens just to get you hooked. Then all the good stuff costs much more. In order to get a girl to do something special for you, for instance, take all of her clothes off or get a private show you need to open your wallet. You must pay either in tokens or in any other way, but is definitely not for free. Moreover, it’s only a virtual experience – there is no real sex involved. link

Sponsorship Requests

Hey, do you want to sponsor your favorite girl? I didn’t think so! If you want to be a sugar daddy go to a sugar daddy website and share your money as much as you like.  But if you’re looking for cost-free casual dates you won’t be answering to the sponsorship requests. They go straight to your face as you open the homepage. sponsorship request

Happy Hour Discounts

There are special happy hour discounts offered by some of the escorts. However, in order to use them, you must be a paid member. As you can see, discounts are really just another way to encourage you to become a member. VIP and Upgrade, Discounts

Upgrades and VIP Memberships

And now we come to the real deal. All users that register become free members and get nothing. Actually, they do get to browse the site. But if you want to communicate with a girl you must upgrade. You get very limited credits to contact the girl with the free membership but I’m not sure that this will be enough for basic message exchange. Therefore, you must take that VIP membership which costs $24 per month. VIP memberships

Results of the Review 1, 2, & 3

Another way in which free users don’t get much on this escort website is by writing reviews. reviews are submitted only by the VIP members.  According to the Escort-Ads reviews posted on the girls’ profiles, we couldn’t come to 100% positive conclusions about them. Girls that have uploaded their profile here may not be genuine.

Here is what you can find among the reviews. Have a look at the examples and draw your own conclusions. Report: Conclusion

Since you can’t get anything for free on we doubt that this will be your favorite place to be or look for casual hookups. If you want to have fun on escort websites, you’d better be prepared to be generous. Unless you want to get ripped off, there are much better free resources for casual dating online apart from the mainstream apps that you know. Check out our review list to find your favorites.

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