Erotic Monkey Review: Surfing the Web for Independent Escorts

Erotic Monkey Review: Surfing the Web for Independent Escorts

Erotic Monkey is one of the most famous escort websites. It has a Swiss domain, but it’s actually targeting US audience.  if you search the web to find decent escorts there is no chance you may have come across several times however I didn’t want you using because I’m mostly focused on exploring free hookup sites. Occasionally, I do reviews of escort websites simply because I want to make a comparison and serve another part of the sex-hungry audience which often hires escorts. So it’s up to you whether you hire escorts. I don’t mind you do that as long as you know what you do. Now, let’s see what you will find on this website by investigating the features in this erotic monkey review report.

Erotic Monkey Review Report: What Type of Sex Website Is This?

First of all, this is an advertising website. So you won’t find any direct associations with escorts. They simply put their services here. If you want to to add yourself as an escort there is a button to do it at the top of the blog. You won’t be able to call erotic monkey for responsibility in terms of the services. In that part, you’re on your own. There is a blog with the typical sex-related topics and escort experiences, as well as a forum where users post questions about escort dates. There are also links to massage parlors across the US (you know what it means to get an erotic massage!) 

Erotic Monkey Review: The Pros & the Cons

The bad thing about Erotic Monkey is that this membership-based. You can’t really use it actively unless you become a member and register for the paid membership. That means paying at least $200 for the basic fee and some additional rates which can go as high as $200 per hour, depending on the escort that you like and the service she provides

Another not so good thing that I discovered in this Erotic Monkey review you are the user reviews. To read Erotic Monkey reviews from users you must be logged in. That means getting a membership. So in order to see what the site is all about, you must pay. There are some people that don’t mind paying for sex. After all, you will still spend some money if you go out on a date. What you do is up to you. However, if you want to save your money and spend them on something else you should consider looking for free adult dating resources. There are plenty on the web. 

Report Wrap-up: Free vs. Paid Comparison

Is it worth being that much money on Erotic Monkey? You can always choose to hire a beautiful girl and get exactly what you were looking for. However, many experiences shared on the web show that this is not always the case. Even if you pay money, you can be subject to scams, frauds, and not getting anything even when you’ve paid a deposit. The risk is greater if you travel somewhere that you don’t know the location and the people, and you decide to hire an escort according to the local rules. What happens between you and the escort is totally up to you and her. But before you pay hundreds of dollars, try registering for one of the free casual dating websites. 

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