Cupid’s Escorts Review: Toronto High-End Companions

Cupid’s Escorts Review: Toronto High-End Companions

This is an escort agency based in Toronto and established by Jillian Hollander. Julian seems to have made a name for her in the escorts industry. I assume that’s why she used it to show the business benefits of Cupid’s Escorts. I must admit this is one well-designed site, with all features and products nicely organised, very clear and easy to navigate. So from a user experience point of view, this is a great escort resource. But we shouldn’t from this is after all an escort agency and it’s not free. The attribute high-end only means that it’s not free at all. It will cost you an arm and a leg. Now, let’s see the pros and cons of hiring travel companions in Toronto by going through this Cupid’s Escorts review.

Cupid’s Escorts Review: High-end or Rip-off?

All these advantages of hiring Cupid’s Escorts’ girls seem great and paper. But in practice, they usually incorporate a very high price. Here is the meaning of some of the benefits explained in Cupid’s Escorts:

“Private experience of the highest quality”:

it means – we will be discreet, but you will have to pay a high price for it.

“Exciting night out on the town to a dream vacation filled with sunny skies and sandy beaches”:

it means to get ready to pay for a luxury holiday and then expect to be stingy.

“The first choice of discerning gentlemen from all over the world”:

only very rich and stupid people will pay for a travel companion to hook up.

“The fantasy in your mind lasts for only a few hours, or maybe it happens to revolve around a lost weekend.”:

of course, the price goes up as the number of hours increases and if it’s the full weekend, get ready to say goodbye to several thousands of dollars, maybe even 10 grand.

“Additionally – and it’s not required – you might think about offering a little something.”:

be prepared to give gifts and tips. If you do not, you won’t get the same class of escorts next time.

You have to learn to read between the lines to understand what it means to use escort girls, call girls, and travel companions. If you don’t have any experience you may be surprised by how pricey the whole situation can get. In the next section of this Cupid’s Escorts review,  we will consider the rates and the payments so that you have a clear picture of what it will cost you.

Rates and Payments on Cupid’s Escorts

Payments are managed according to the location. 

How much will it cost you?

They can range from $350 per hour to $3,500 for 12 hours. If you take a look at the following table, you will see that most of the rates are the same which means that you will pay the same amount regardless of your location:

Cupids Escorts Review rates screenshot 

How can you pay?

Payment methods include EMT transfers and hand-on deliveries of sealed envelopes. Credit cards are not accepted at this point.  Sealed envelopes with the agreed amount must be given to the girl before the date starts. The envelope must be closed and you should not discuss the amount with the girl when the date starts.

Do you need to give any tips?

Although the general policy on Cupid’s Escorts is that “tips are not expected” take this with a grain of salt. This is only a protection measure to state the minimal amount. If you want to know what’s the real truth, take a look at the FAQ section and the hiring etiquette. tips may not be expected but they are certainly appreciated.

Toronto Escorts Report Summary

There is a “Compliments” section or what i call user reviews. Most of the Cupid’s Escorts reviews are very positive. However, I’m generally wary of these reviews that sound like they’ve come from the “Good Housewife” magazine. The real reviews are mixed, they’re not all golden. Therefore if you don’t want to spend as much money and still get late consider using adult dating websites where you get almost the same for so much less. To illustrate what I’m talking about: a full membership on premium hookup sites costs around $100. So do your maths and decide what’s the smarter option.

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