Coconut Escort Review: Highlights of Thai Escort Services

Coconut Escort Review: Highlights of Thai Escort Services

If on the mention of coconuts you think of Thailand, you are right. The Coconut Escort review is all about hot girls in Phuket you can book as escort service. Many guys who travel there know that the girls are awesome, nothing like you would see from American and European women. The islands offer a bounty of sex only if you know where to look for. My point is you don’t need to book escorts to have a fab time. But if you decide to that, here is what you can expect from a typical agency and advertising platform such as Coconut Escort.

Coconut Escort Review: Phuket Girls

The site is nicely organized. Content is clear – the purpose of the website seems to be double. It works both as an escort agency and as an advertising platform. If a girl decides to use it as an agency, she can get a job there. Job opportunities are listed under “Jobs”. Alternatively, Phuket girls can advertise independent services or do link exchange. 

Website Credibility: Coconut Escort Review Opinions

As you can see, there are multiple options for them. But will you get the pleasure you need in return? Well, with agencies you have some better guarantees. But when you use ads or solo girls, there are many risks that you don’t expect. I’ve spoken many times about risks on escort websites. They include everything from fake pictures, undisclosed rates, extra fees, and girls who don’t show up at all, not to mention STDs and similar issues. I have no reason to believe that Coconut Escort is any different. I did my search to find user reviews on Coconut Escort, but I had no success. Unfortunately, that’s not something I like or recommend using. When I don’t see opinions from others who have used the service, I can’t give too much credit to the service. 

If you are interested in hourly rates, here they are. An hour with a sexy girl from Phuket will cost you anywhere between 7,500 and 17,500 in local currency. I’m not sure how luxurious are these rates. However, I have the impression that they won’t be as cheap as other products and services in Thailand. The girls look high-end and they will cost you an arm and a leg if you get too comfortable. 

Thai Escorts Compared to Casual Dating Sites

One of the advantages of using escort websites is that you can choose what you get for your money. That’s only if you get what was promised. If you’re lucky, you just might. But I’ve heard so many not-so-great stories about people who’ve hired escorts on Phuket, that I’m more in favor of hookup sites. With hookup sites and casual dating apps, you remove several risks and costs from the equation. If you haven’t had success on dating sites and that’s why you look for escort services, maybe you don’t know how to use them well. Browsing the web helps: there are resources that offer solid advice. Use your time on Phuket to have fun but be careful with hiring escorts. Sex in Thailand can cost you more than you expected!

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