California Escort Services Review: Girls for Hire in LA

California Escort Services Review: Girls for Hire in LA

California is one of the best places to hang out and have fun in the United States. Escort services in California should be top-notch, right? Well, reality doesn’t always conform to expectations. If you are around one of the seaside locations in California (CA) and like to hook up you might end up on the California escort services website. This California Escort services review was one of the most disappointing experiences I’ve had on a hookup site.

Unfortunately, not everything is bright and shiny in California, LA, the Hollywood Hills, San Diego, Marina Del Ray, or Santa Ana. If you want to know why I don’t recommend this site, then follow through with reading until the end of this review report.

California Escort Services Review: No Real Model Pictures

Even the worst escort websites have specific pictures of their models. When there are no verification processes included I have my doubts. But where there are only placeholder pictures of models my suspicions grow by leaps and bounds. The only way to find out about the girls’ availability is to call the phone number posted on the website. This is not a free number. You will need to pay the highest rates on top of everything else included in the escort service.

Extra fees are one of the main reasons why I don’t support hooking up via escort websites. You’re not only paying for the hourly rates but you also need to pay unforeseen costs. In comparison, if you hook up on a dating site, you will pay next to nothing. Ultimately, have to pay a couple of drinks for your evening out or even zero-cost fun if you arrange to meet in a cheaper motel.

CA Escort Services Review: Phone Number Bookings

Another problem I found out about CA Escort Services is the way they do the bookings. Girls get employment by linking to another website, a business which is about dancing services. I wonder whether available girls come from this agency only. Since there are no main pictures of the main website, that’s very likely.

I fully understand if you don’t want to take risks if you can’t tell about the quality of the girl up front. That’s some tricky stuff to handle! Anyone would rather pick a picture and then call the girl rather than the other way round.

California Escort Services Review Adult Dancers homepage

I don’t really trust a website that doesn’t provide at least a couple of images of the girls. Even in that case, it can all be e huge scam. The possibilities of scams and frauds are larger without any pictures. 

Should You Hire California Models?

It is beyond my comprehension why would you use an escort website in such an open-minded place that is California. The majority of the adult entertainment industries are located in the Hollywood Hills. LA is one of the main locations that is great for sex of any kind. If you intend to pay, at least use some credible escort agency.

But with all the beautiful weather and the naked girls you can find on the beach, you better go out and take a risk in real life. Alternatively, choose a hookup website that specifically targets casual hookups instead of wasting your time on escort websites with expensive hourly rates.  

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