Bold Personals Review: The No Man’s Land of Casual Hookups

Bold Personals Review: The No Man’s Land of Casual Hookups

Many people are looking for Backpage replacements even now in 2019 when so many Backpage-type websites have been proven to be huge scams. However, the quest to find legit dates never ends because people like sex. Therefore, fraudulent sites use this to misuse people’s trust in genuine adult dating sites and sell them something they never wanted to see and deal with. Sites for adult personals and classified ads are an immensely fruitful field to fool users. In this Bold Personals review, we concluded that this is just an advertising platform with a scarce population and not many chances to get laid.

The two key reasons for that are:

People really don’t have much time to spend on “real” dates and prefer dating online.

 It is easy to fake another person and take on another person’s identity. Someone can promise the world when you are dating online and sex is an easy quick bait.

 Let’s go deeper into the review.

Bold Personals Review: Empty Ad Space

You don’t need to look further or dig deeper than the personals placed on the homepage. Those are evidently pictures of users who are already members of Bold Personals.

Bold Personals Review empty ad space

Nevertheless, when you click on one of the adverts (or two or three for that matter) you won’t find any information about the users. These are just avatar images placed to attract attention but there are no real people behind them.

Impossible Account Deletion

This is so typical for fake adult dating sites. However, it becomes obvious only after you spend a while on the site. Unfortunately, there is no way to know that you won’t be able to delete the account unless you register. In the case of the Bold Personals review, it won’t become evident unless you don’t read the faq section carefully and to the end. However, not many people have the time to do this.

Bold Personals Review account deletion

This is how they end up with permanent email inbox abuse. This explains the impossibly countless fake emails just in order to buy premium ad space.

Selling Premium Ads to No One

Bold Personals is trying to sell the space but if you browse through the profiles as mentioned above you’ll find out the truth. There are not that many real users of this platform. In fact, we barely discovered any.

Bold Personals Review premium ads

Therefore, the conclusion is that you will waste your time here. Don’t become the only victim that will buy this premium ad space hoping that you will get laid in a jiffy!

Bold Personals Review: NOT Worth Your Time!

It happens all the time. You join a dating site expecting success. but then the inbox is empty. Then you start thinking that no one else notices you because the site is huge. And the site offers some premium subscriptions. You decide to go for it because it will take it your profile to the first rankings. This story sounds nice but it’s often fake. According to this Bold Personals review if you believe in it you won’t get far. It’s much more effective to look for real dating websites with thousands, even millions of members from all over the world. You have much better chances of finding someone that suits you and hooking up.

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